Wire Break Finder EA

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Finding a break in your boundary wire is easy with our new Wire Break Finder, Early Adopter (EA) version. This patent-pending innovative device takes the worry out of finding perimeter wire breaks.  Compatible with Husqvarna, Worx, Echo and Stihl systems, and also electronic dog fences.

While locating a complete wire break in an underground boundary wire can be a daunting problem, finding that dreaded partial break can seem impossible. Time is money and the Robin Break Finder can usually locate the break in 15 minutes or less, without the labor and time of rewiring the whole yard.  

The system consists of a Base and a Probe unit.  The Base unit injects low frequency tones into the wire and the Probe unit points you in the direction of the complete or partial break.  By halving the distance with each measurement, a break’s location can be narrowed to either a short run of wire, which can be easily replaced, or down to the actual break itself. 

During operation the Base unit continuously monitors the resistance of the buried loop and reports either a value that can be compared to that value noted during the mower installation, or a clear “BREAK” condition.  No technical knowledge needed for operation.

Forget to turn it off? The Base and Probe switch off automatically to preserve the life of the batteries.

System includes:  Base & Probe Units, 2 mm and 3.4 mm wire piercers, protective case and instructions.  Batteries included, pre-installed.