Autodoor™ Lite for Worx WR140/WR143

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The Autodoor™ by Robin Robotic Door

Model:        RDC003L

Fence?  What Fence? The Autodoor™ by Robin Robotic Door permits your Landroid® to pass through any fence to mow your whole lawn and maintain your privacy.  No need for a second mower or carrying your robotic mower from one area of the yard to another.  Your “whole lawn and nothing but your lawn” is manicured every day, even your fenced in backyard, autonomously!

  • Works with Worx Landroid WR140/WR143 Series only
  • Easy to install – Only one person required
  • Fits most wooden, chain link, brick, and wrought iron fences
  • Sturdy! Attractive all-aluminum & stainless-steel construction
  • Includes door pre-mounted in rear frame, front frame and installation hardware
  • Non-latching door - does not include latch assembly and sensor assembly 
  • Mower can stay in backyard for charging
  • Patented

Please see the installation manual and installation video. Skip the steps that describe installation of latch assembly and sensor assembly.